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Because we care for our planet, we make use of the outer cocoon shells, the completely reeled cocoons, and the unreelable breeder cocoons collected after moths emerge naturally. In addition to our sustainable and eco-friendly raw material acquisition, our production process is waste-free as all by-products and waste-water are fully recycled. To comply with our extreme user-concern policy, we carefully extract silk fibre and fabricate them to form smooth, lightweight but durable, and lustrous texture that surpasses any other spun silk. Unlike traditional reeled silk, our spun silk provides a softer hand-feeling, better temperature adjusting, excellent draping, and easier handling, all of which are the features that make our spun silk a perfect choice for all types of clothing and many other applications. With the anti-bacterial and allergen-free nature of silk, our spun silk is, without a doubt, the most comfortable apparel to wear next to the skin.

Our main products include:

Spun Silk Yarn:
natural coloured spun silk yarn with custom sizes ranging from 0.5 to 240 Nm (from roving to extra fine yarn). The versatile nature of our products makes them suitable for both knitting and weaving. Their extensive applications include first class fabrics, especially for light-weight blouses, neckties, scarves, handkerchiefs, underwear, Japanese kimonos and Indian saris.

Silk Blended Yarn:
spun silk fibre mixes very well with almost everything (natural and synthetic fibre) and can blend with any materials of your choice to achieve the characteristics you desire. Our popular blends include wool, cashmere, cotton, bamboo, linen, rayon and synthetics.

Silk Melange Yarn:
a mixture of dyed and natural coloured silk fibre, yielding a heathery effect, sensational depth and dimension to the fabric; a great choice for suits and dresses.

Dyed Silk Yarn:
spun silk yarn can be dyed into any desired colour to suit your applications. A wide range of natural and synthetic dyes is available.

Silk Noil Yarn:
having a fancier touch and feel, the coarse but more fashionable structure in silk noil yarn provides a distinctive texture and adds a sportier appeal: silk noil yarn is popular among upholstery and drapery, decorative fabrics, gloves and socks.

Eri Silk Yarn:
an innovative addition to our mulberry silk line. Eri silk possesses “Peace Silk” trademark as the cocoon collection process allows silkworms to leave their cocoons harmlessly. High quality Eri silk yarn is seasonally available at Spun Silk World. * Special order only