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At Spun Silk World Co., Ltd., we proudly offer our first-rate spun silk yarn that is highly accepted worldwide and a broad classification of customised silk-based spun yarn. To best suit your needs, our spun silk yarn can be customised to over 300 combinations of different sizes, styles, and tailor-made features. In addition to our 100% spun silk products, we also offer a large collection of silk blend yarns that combine distinct characteristics of different fibre materials so as to obtain your most desirable properties.

 As an integral part of our quality products and services, our facilities now include a 112,000 square meter factory with production capacity of 240 tons per year. With our long and extensive expertise in the textile industry and natural yarn dating back to 1980, we guarantee the very best products and services. As an assurance to your satisfaction, we have acquired professional and highly experienced staff as well as state of the art manufacturing technologies from Shinano Kenshi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We continue to improve and maintain our highest standards, using the best quality raw materials along with extensive and stringent quality control in every stage of our production process. For these reasons, we secure our renowned reputation as one of the best and most professional spun silk manufacturers in the world.